Twenty-one Rambler students competed in the annual Kombat Klassic open tournament on Saturday, October 23. Dr. Thomas served as the arbitrator for this highly-anticipated event hosted by Shihan Steve Tolson and Okinawan Karate. He characteristically led by example both in his attire and his efforts to ensure that the tournament was conducted fairly and that the competitors and spectators alike enjoyed their participation. Fifteen youth and adult students showed their skills in weapons and 21 performed katas, while 13 youth rumbled in the sparring rings. Rambler students garnered 51 trophies, including two grand championships. Everyone who competed was a winner, along with the Rambler spectators who wholeheartedly supported the competitors and were no doubt hoarse by the end of the day from their rambunctious efforts! Dr. Thomas and his students have the utmost respect for Shihan Tolson and his school and look forward to the opportunity to participate in this well-organized and well-run event next year!

Scroll down this page to see the names of the competitors and to view photos and videos chronicling this exciting event.

Congratulations to the following students who trained hard and gave it their best in competition!

Ramblers’ Children's and Adult Division Winners

  • W. Brogsdale - 1st Weapons; 1st Forms; 1st Sparring
  • C. Chang - 1st Forms; 2nd Sparring
  • A. Clement - 1st Weapons; 3rd Forms; 2nd Sparring
  • M. Clement - 1st Weapons; 2nd Forms; 2nd Sparring; Grand Championship
  • D. Diallo - 5th Forms; 3rd Sparring
  • K. Hinton – 2nd Weapons; 2nd Forms; 3rd Sparring
  • E. Martinez - 1st Weapons; 3rd Forms; 3rd Sparring
  • A. Johnson - 1st Forms; 1st Sparring
  • B. Potts - 1st Forms; 1st Sparring
  • N. Potts - 3rd Weapons; 2nd Forms
  • J. Sanders - 2nd Weapons; 1st Forms; 3rd Sparring
  • M. Sanders - 1st Weapons; 2nd Forms; 1st Sparring
  • A. Scott - 3rd Forms; 2nd Sparring
  • A. Waters - 1st Forms; 1st Sparring
  • A. Seemangal - 2nd Weapons; 3rd Forms
  • B. Bonilla - 1st Weapons; 1st Forms
  • G. Clement - 2nd Weapons; 2nd Forms
  • E. Martinez - 1st Weapons; 2nd Forms
  • S. McCutchen - 1st Weapons; 1st Forms; Grand Championship
  • E. Sanders - 2nd Weapons; 3rd Forms
  • L. Sanders - 1st Weapons; 1st Forms

The videos below show the Ramblers in action.

Links to more action-packed videos are found below!

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