Domestic Violence Prevention

Domestic Violence Prayer Symposium, Bladensburg, Maryland, October 5, 2013

A Domestic Violence Prayer Symposium was held at Elizabeth Seton High School on Saturday, October 5, to mark October's designation as National Domestic Violence Awareness Month. It was hosted by the GATCCS Seniors against Domestic Violence Support Group. The theme of the symposium was "Moving Forward--Not Turning Back." The speakers were eloquent in their comments (many elicited from wrenching personal experiences) about the practical and spiritual aspects of domestic violence and how these go hand-in-hand because prayers must be accompanied by action to be effective. As part of the program, Dr. Thomas and Ms. McCutchen provided several domestic violence prevention and self-defense tips and acted out domestic violence scenarios. In addition to Deacon Barbara Givens--the founder and head of GATCCS and the grandparent of a young Rambler student--other guests included Brother Khayan Lewis, Pastor Milton Johnson, D'ara Sweeney, Minister Ruthena Dorsey, Brother John Lewis, III, and Dr. Yulanda Swindell, a pediatrician who is also one of Dr. Thomas' adult students. The audience (about 70 people) appreciated the "prayer, praise, and education" they received about the complicated issues associated with domestic violence at this innovative symposium and the opportunity to discuss very serious but often hidden issues faced by people every day, regardless of race, gender, or religious beliefs. The Rambler organization is pleased to partner with Seniors against Domestic Violence and to have been invited to participate in this remarkable event.

Dr. Thomas Interviewed, Prince George's Community Television, Largo, Maryland, January 4, 2012

Dr. Thomas was interviewed during a live 4:30 p.m. news segment on Prince George's Community Television on Wednesday, January 4. He spoke about his upcoming interactive self-defense demonstration scheduled for Monday, January 9, at the Bladensburg Community Center. The event, sponsored by the Bladensburg-based Seniors against Stalking and Domestic Violence Support Group, which was founded and is led by Ms. Barbara Givens, the grandmother of a Rambler student, marks January 2012's National Stalking Awareness Month.

Further Information: To read more about National Stalking Awareness Month, proclaimed by President Barack Obama on December 28, 2011, access this link.