Saturday, November 10, featured cold temperatures and a brisk wind. Nonetheless, our many participants were undaunted as they followed the lead of stalwart and dedicated Walter James, former mayor and current First Gentleman of Bladensburg. We appreciate that he led the walk again this year! Those who participated in the walk were treated to hot drinks and doughnuts by the parishoners of a local church as they returned to Bladensburg Community Center, from where they had started.

When the shivering walkers returned to the center, they enjoyed more refreshments, followed by skits on bullying prevention and child sexual abuse performed by several students of Grandmaster Dr. Clifford Thomas, President and CEO of We Lead By Example, Inc./Tae Kwon Do Ramblers Self-Defense Systems. Newly-elected Maryland senator Malcolm Augustine, a staunch supporter of our organization, dropped by to say a few words. Antoine Lunsford, teacher and author, brought copies of his Little Andy book series, Oh No! There's a Bully in Our School!!! and The Greatest Recess Monitor Ever!!!!.

Reporters from the Andrews Gazette (Bobby Jones, photojournalist) and the Washington Informer (Michael McCoy, freelance photographer) joined the more-than-a-mile walk on Annapolis Road and through neighborhoods in Bladensburg and covered the rally.

The event was reported by award-winning journalist Bobby Jones, Andrews Gazette, in a November 14 article entitled "Fourth Annual Walk and Rally for ‘Bullying Prevention’ and Child Safety engage community support" in SoMdNews (Southern Maryland Newspapers Online).

See the Capture the Moment photo by Michael A. McCoy on page 10 of the November 15 Washington Informer.